THANK YOU for visiting my blog!

This blog is meant to be a safe place for me to fearlessly write about my life experiences, emotions, and thoughts. I write about a variety of subjects and I categorize my posts through the different seasons in which I write – Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. The time in which I write about certain things reflects a particular point in my life as I continuously grow as a student and a human.

I enjoy playing with and petting dogs, eating different types of cuisine, jammin’ on my planner, painting & sketching, and of course – writing. I hope to publish a book with some of the essays featured on this blog.

Feel free to scroll to the bottom of this blog and view my Instagram photos, social media links, and more! Just click the +.

I am always looking to feature work from my friends and readers as guest bloggers, so please feel free to submit your essays to me. Featured work tends to be as extension of what I feel and it’s a way of saying, “SEE? THEY GET IT, TOO!”

This blog was started March 5th, 2015.

Welcome page photo by Stella Fanega.
About Page photo by Kelli Nicole Nichols.


Contact info:

Email: Upasna.Barath@gmail.com (business only – please do not email me regarding favors for Rookie unless we’ve spoken about it previously).
Instagram: @upasnabarath
Twitter: @upasnabarath

Graphic credit:

Sweet Type (Header font)


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I just ADORE it when folks follow me xxx i grew up in a south side suburb of Chicago and its still a favorite city to visit…..still working on the art and the fashion side of my (ha ha) “empire”…

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