Excuses, excuses


IMG_1261.jpgThe title of this blog post is most likely your response to the content of this blog post.

Apologies are indeed in order, since I have taken an entire month and a half break away from writing on here. This is mainly because I am a college student and because a lot of my energy towards writing has been dedicated to writing for Rookie. However, a month isn’t nearly long enough to forget the adventures I’ve had in college thus far!

In high school I had a lot of trouble making friends (if you’ve read my earlier blog posts, this is evident). Making friends in college has been actually quite effortless. I’ve been able to be the best version of myself in college. My independence is thriving in an environment where vulnerability caused by unfamiliarity is quite inevitable. I don’t feel vulnerable at all. I feel powerful.

Everyday in college, something happens. Even when nothing is happening. Drunk stories and sober stories fight for the award of The Best College Story because it’s all just so exciting. Some of my best times include waiting up till 1:00 AM with a boy I didn’t necessarily like – but who liked me – so I could pick up my friend Hannah from the train station.
Let me tell you, the walk back, complete with homemade cookies and The Turtle’s Happy Together playing on my cell phone was probably the best walk of my life. IMG_1414.jpgMy best times include the Chicago Rookie Event, where I read this piece on stage for Rookie readers, where I got to listen to and answer question from Rookie readers alongside Tavi, Meagan, and Jessica, and where I got lots of hugs and thank you’s for my work, work that I wrote indeed to help other people. IMG_1426.jpg
My best times include my friend Blake’s revelation that the Harry Potter series was most likely based off of a real story, and our mutual development of a conspiracy theory – complete with notes and promises of future detective work. My best times also include my friend, Peyton, and his visit to Chicago, where my two worlds of high school nostalgia and college experience converged, and it ended up being the best time ever. IMG_1811.jpgMy most recent best time was letting my crush know that he wasn’t Tom Haverford, but that he was Ben Wyatt, and that I lied to him, and I lied to him because I was Leslie. The ability to admit that was a symbol of my newfound confidence and happiness – of course, with some help from a li’l bit of Liquid Courage.

Learning in college is an amazing experience apart from the never-ending excitement that I share with my friends. I do attend a small college, and so it is easy to take on task as if I was still in high school, but I’ve chosen not to do that. My professors so far have been passionate and involved, and it has reflected upon me. I like learning. I like accumulating knowledge and i like knowing things. Passion and enthusiasm is contagious.IMG_1485.jpg

It has been very helpful that I’ve been involved on campus, as well. I was elected President of First Year Council, and of course political strategy was definitely implemented, much to people’s concern (the people who didn’t get elected for a position, that is). However, I love my school so much and my Leslie-esque organizational skills are definitely going to be put to good use, I think. I also helped organize a student-led march, in solidarity with the events that have been occurring at Mizzou and Yale. Being a minority on campus has not been easy. Although the positives outweigh the negatives of being a student at my college, the negatives cannot go unnoticed. In less than 24 hours, we had a HUGE turnout of students and faculty who marched to say that we will NOT stand for discrimination at our school. It was so electric, knowing how many people stood against this issue and it was almost relieving in a way, to know that we had allies. The President of our school even took notice of the march and the students’ efforts to combat discrimination on campus, and I alongside some students, was invited to have lunch with him.

Knowing that there were times when I didn’t want to go on any further, that I didn’t want to deal with life and finish high school – and finish life, and what I had ahead of me – is unsettling, but knowing that I am doing so well now makes me very, very grateful. I spent four years struggling to find my place amongst my peers and even in this world, and I am happy to say that I have found it. It may take four years, or ten, or even a month, but your happy place is always ahead of you, somewhere, if you’re willing to work and wait for it. IMG_1812.jpg

If you’d like me to write about any of these *adventures* in detail, put it in the comments, please ❤ I look forward to writing more in the upcoming year.



2 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses

  1. What were in those cookies…haha! also, delve into that story deeper, please! College sounds fun. I love your work on Rookie, keep it up xx


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