Things that have been easier for me to do than get accepted into competitive schools (and figuring out how to afford it)


Untitled designUntitled design

  • Having my work put up at an art museum
  • Having my writing discovered by someone important
  • Being offered a job to write for a magazine I adore and read on a daily basis
  • Learning to read and write a totally new language in six months
  • Getting through depression
  • Writing a novel (it was 247 pages and I was only ten, but still)
  • Hacking into my ex-boyfriend’s Instagram account (a one time thing. please, no one arrest me)
  • Not crying when my mother was very ill
  • Getting someone to tear up over my poetry (my principal in middle school called me down to the office and I was scared but it ended up being a good heart-to-heart)
  • Falling asleep during a wall-sit
  • Getting gum out of my hair without cutting my hair or forming a bald spot
  • Standing up to someone who told me that I should kill myself
  • Screaming at a man in the back aisle of Walgreens for twisting his wife’s wrist
  • Figuring out what a GPA was (no one told me how important it was when I moved back to the USA for high school) and raising my class rank from 20 at the end of my freshman year to 4 my senior year (out of 430 students!!!!)
  • Wearing shorts and getting past the quick glimpses at my thighs (we all aren’t perfectly happy all the time and if you pretend to be you’re lying to yourself so stop)
  • Pretending to pick my nose at the backseat of a car driving through the streets in India because a man on a motorcycle next to our car was staring at me through the mirror and making kissy faces at me (sticking my finger up my nose very enthusiastically was a good idea, I promise)
  • Starting this blog and talking about my personal life knowing perfectly well that my relatives (Indian families gossip a lot) will talk about it and wonder about things they could ask me straightforwardly
  • Accepting the fact that a lot of my friends come from affluent families and that it’s OK I don’t (even though it is quite hard to resonate with a few of the things they go through and vice versa)
  • Getting wait-listed by many schools

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