“Push back, push forward.”



I may have neglected the standard yet necessary “introductory” post to this blog.

I’ve been spending the past couple of months waking up in the middle of night from two variations of nightmares: My aggressive, domineering ex-boyfriend and the distressing, blunt College Rejection Letter.  My senior year has been a time where I have been preparing myself to accept the different kinds of heartbreak.

Considering this is a very pivotal time in my life, I decided to start a blog on a more personal level; something that will document my progress from this very long, anxious moment of waiting onwards.  This blog is something that should be a part of my journey.

As life-impacting decisions come towards me, I will have to make some life-changing ones to push back.  The purpose of this blog is to help me push back and help me push forward.

Photograph by Kelli Nicole Nichols of Upasna Barath


2 thoughts on ““Push back, push forward.”

  1. I feel more sympathy for your ex. If only you’d appreciate all the things he did for you rather than call him aggressive. As if he didn’t let you walk all over him.


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